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By L.C. Holt & JW Sims

When a young man suddenly receives the equivalent powers of a god, he sets out to right the wrongs of the world. But are his methods make him the hero that we need? 


Digital Coloring Tutorial part I - Flatting

  • Have you every wanted to know how to color comic books?

  • Do you what to know what "Flatting" is?

  • Why is "Flatting" so important?

  • How do you prepare line art for digital colors?

In this first video series I will take you through the steps I use to color the cover to Jim Lee's X-Men #11.

This video focuses on preparing the line art and then my flatting process.

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Get the WHOLE Story on DEADPOOL

Do you LOVE Deadpool?

Ever want to know EVERYTHING about DEADPOOL?

Is HUNDREDS of comics too much for you to read?

Well this is the blog for you!!!

I will take you on all the crazy, chimichanga-filled, 4th wall breaking adventures of the Merc With a Mouth, and hopefully learn something about Wade Wilson that none of us knew before.

We will start out trip where Wade started his...

NEW MUTANTS #98. Buckle up baby...