My Trek Through The X-Universe

The X-Men #2 (November 1963)

Published: November 10, 1963 Penciller: Jack Kirby Cover Artist: Jack Kirby

Writer: Stan Lee


Professor Xavier telepathically orders his students to return to the school. Once they return to the Mansion, Professor Xavier informs them that there is a new super-villain with mutant powers calling himself the Vanisher. Earlier in the day he had robbed the national bank by using his teleportation powers to escape from the bank's security guards. Professor Xavier sends his students off on extra training missions to prepare them for the upcoming fight with the Vanisher.

Meanwhile, the Vanisher announces his intent to steal the Pentagon's defensive plans along with his newly formed criminal organization. Professor Xavier receives word from his FBI informant, Agent Fred Duncan, that the Vanisher is preparing to make his move. The X-Men are asked to help stop the Vanisher so Professor Xavier sends them out to Washington, DC. The Vanisher steals the defense plans from the Pentagon but is quickly surrounded by the X-Men. After a short battle, the Vanisher is able to escape with the plans.

The next day, the Vanisher appears once again and demands that he be given 10 million dollars otherwise he will sell the defense plans to the country's enemies. A day later, the Vanisher and his criminal army appear in front of the White House to pick up their money, but find the X-Men waiting for them. Professor Xavier appears from behind his students and uses his powers to prevent the Vanisher from teleporting away, and then makes him lose his memory. With their leader rendered harmless, the criminals are easily defeated by the X-Men.

WHAT I LEARNED THIS WEEK AT XAVIERS!!! These comics,while being very much simpler in terms of storyline (compared to modern era comics), take alot longer to read (nearing an hour) The things I have taken from this issue... 1) This is the first appearance of the Danger Room 2) The first class of X-Men fought amongst themselves alot, especially Iceman, Beast,& Angel. 3) Charles Xavier in these early issues was not like the Xavier we know now. He was much more stern and had no problem using his powers to wipe The Vanisher's mind when the X-Men failed in defeating him. 4) The X-Men worked alongside the government in the early days, even receiving the use of a McDonnell XV-1 Convertiplane.

5) Xavier can also project "video" messages telepathicly onto walls like a movie projector. 6 ) Marvel Girls powers to move things with her mind are refered to as "teleporting".

The next issue...X-Men #3 Beware of the Blob


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