My Trek Through The X-Universe

The X-MEN (vol. 1 issue 8) "The Uncanny Threat of "Unus the Untouchable!"

November 1964


A professional wrestler names Unus the Untouchable wishes to join Magneto but has to prove his worth. Unable to lay a hand on him, the X-Men leave him atop a sky scrapper.

Beast creates a ray gun that increases Unus' power to the point he cant touch anything without repelling it away. He eventually agrees to not turn to crime if Beast will change him back.

What I Learned In This Issue... 1) Beast briefly leaves the X-Men after being chased by an angry mob after rescuing a young boy.

2) Iceman takes his transparent ice form for the first time (before this he looked like a snowman). This is the form he would take from this time on.

3) Lucifer is mentioned for the first time

4)Marvel Girl returns to her original mask. Again no mention of the change.

5) Very similar to the revelation that Xavier is in love with Jean Grey, Scott to reveals his feelings to the reader. And just like Xavier says he can never make his feelings known because he is the leader of the X-Men. (see picture). In what would be come a running theme Scott and Jean profess their feelings for one another to the readers but not to each other.

Next Issue: X-Men vol 1 #9 "Enter the Avengers"

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