My Trek Through The X-Universe

MY TREK THROUGH THE X-UNIVERSE X-MEN vol 1 #9 January 1965 Writer: Stan Lee Artist: Jack Kirby

"Enter, The Avengers"

"We've been handling you with kid gloves up till now, Cyclops."

-- Captain America


The X-Men join Xavier in Bulgaria to battle Lucifer. The Avengers are also drawn there by Thor's hammer (Mojlnir) which sensed a great evil. Lucifer builds a giant bomb that is somehow tied to his heartbeat and if something happens to him the bomb will destroy the earth.

The Avengers mean to destroy Lucifer and the X-Men must defend him to save the world causing the two Super teams to battle for the first time.

The fight ends in a draw when Xavier appears mentally to Thor and explains the situation. Avengers leave and X-Men save the world.

What I Learned From This Issue... 1) We see the FIRST confrontation between Cyclops and Captain America. This battle will be seen several times through the years, most recently in the Avengers Vs. X-Men mega-event.

2) Thor, it seems is the leader of the Avengers in this mission. Iron Man even says near the end of the story to fall in behind Captain America, "It's HIS turn to be chairman for the week!".

3) Xavier claims that Lucifer caused him to be confined to the wheelchair, but in X-Men vol 1 #1 he says it was a childhood accident. The full origin of Xavier's loss of the use of his legs is given in X-Men #20.

Featured Characters:

  • X-Men

  • Cyclops (Scott)

  • Marvel Girl (Jean)

  • Angel (Warren)

  • Beast (Hank)

  • Iceman (Bobby)

  • Professor X

Supporting Characters:

  • Avengers

  • Captain America

  • Iron Man

  • Thor

  • Giant Man

  • Wasp


Other Characters:

  • Crew of unnamed freighter

  • Matilda & Samuel, a couple on cruise-ship (First appearance)

  • Unnamed tourist in Bavaria

  • Unnamed Bavarians

Next Issue: X-Men vol 1 #10 "The Coming of Ka-Zar"

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