My Trek Through The X-Universe

X-MEN vol 1 #10 March 1965 Writer: Stan Lee Pencils: Jack Kirby

"The Coming of Ka-Zar"

THE RUNDOWN!! After seeing a strange Caveman-like man on TV attack a camp in Antarctica, the X-Men go to investigate. Once there they discover a lost prehistoric jungle full of dinosaurs. They also meet Ka_zar and his pet sabretooth tiger Zabu.

He helps the X-Men rescue Marvel Girl and Angel from a group of swamp men who intend to sacrifice them to a T-Rex. Once free Ka-Zar tell the X-Men to never come back and seals the cave shut

What I Learned From This Issue... 1) While Marvel Girl Angel are trying to get away

from the T-Rex, Jean calls Angel "Scott". 2) This is the first appearance for the location eventually known as the Savage Land 3) Also the first appearance of Ka-Zar and Zabu (Marvel's version of Tarzan)

NEXT ISSUE: X-Men vol 1 #11 "The Triumph of Magneto"

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