Wade Into The Dead-Pool

X-FORCE vol.1 #4 (November 1991)

"Sabotage" part II

plot and art: Rob Liefeld

script: Fabian Nicieza


Warpath, Feral, Shatterstar, and Spider-Man take on the Juggernaut. They have been battling for some time in the streets below the ruins of the World Trade Center's tower. Domino lends a hand in the fight and tells Warpath to throw Shatterstar at Juggernaut. The Juggernaut still stands.

Cable watches the fight below and keeps looking for hostages and Black Tom. Black Tom steps in the room and threatens Cable. Cable responds in kind with a blast to Tom, knocking him into an elevator shaft. Cassidy holds onto a cable for dear life and Cable looks down and fires his weapon at him, sending him screaming down the

shaft. At the bottom, Deadpool emerges from the shadows and says that he is going to take Black Tom's body to Tolliver.

Meanwhile, the team outside is still fighting the Juggernaut. Above them all, a SHIELD helicopter holds G.W. Bridge who is recording everything the team is saying to try to use it against them as needed. While in the fight below, Siryn appears and grabs Juggernaut's helmet and flies off with it. He is stumped as to how she did this and he learns that it is because Shatterstar's blades were able to cut it as they are magical as well. Cable arrives and he is about to take out Juggernaut when Deadpool intervenes and secretly teleports Juggernaut away.

G.W. lands the helicopter and attempts to arrest Cable and X-Force. They are surprised to see that G.W. Bridge has betrayed them and is the one trying to bring them in. Cable teleports the team to their scout ship, leaving Spider-Man to take on SHIELD. While flying home, Cannonball and Cable discuss Cable's need to clear up questions that the team has about him as well as why G.W. Bridge and SHIELD are after them.


  • Part 2 of 2 of the Sabotage crossover event, continued from Spider-Man #16.

  • Comic is printed in a "flip-book" style and is to be read sideways

  • Issue includes a bonus pinup by Mike Mignola (Hellboy)

  • First appearance of Balaban (G.W. Bridge's assistant)

  • Deadpool's appearance in this issue is only one panel but directly ties to his upcoming mini-series, " DEADPOOL: THE CIRCLE CHASE"

next stop: X-FORCE #5

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